The French AF used the Stinson 108 in Indo China (Vietnam). Get the best deals for stinson aircraft at First developed as the Stinson Model 105 in 1939, the Voyager was a high-wing three-seat braced monoplane powered by either a 75-hp (63.4-Kw) Continental A-75 or an 80-hp (67.7-Kw) Continental A-80-6. The Stinson SR-10 Reliant was also transformed for use in World War II as the UC-81, used by the U.S. Army as a utility aircraft, and the AT-19/V-77, used by the British Royal Navy for a passenger transport, instrument trainer and photo-reconnaissance aircraft. Home; News; Airshows; Photos. The Model 10 introduced a wider cabin as well as an improved standard for the interior and finish. Read about Stinson 108 as used by the Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force) and the French Air Force. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Advanced photo search. The Stinson model 10A “Voyager” was a fairly advanced airplane for its size at the time of its introduction in 1940. Stinson images, photos. All Reliants built as SR-6 and earlier models are straight wing planes. It was recently brought back to France from Switzerland (where it was registered as HB-TRS) and restored to the paint scheme used by the French military in Indochina. In 2019, he obtained a directed verdict after two-week jury trial in a Texas State Court in El Paso, Texas for an aviation client accused of negligence and unsafe work conditions. Find tail numbers, view photos, and get detailed individual aircraft information About 350 AT-19/V-77 were returned to the United States after the war and refurbished by Stinson for the post-war civilian market. Latest; Most liked; Most viewed Spain used the Stinson 108 for liaison from the late 1940's through 1965. Stinson later produced 500 military versions of the Reliants as the AT-19/V-77 for the British Royal Navy which used them mostly as instrument trainers along with utility passenger carrier and photo-reconnaissance work. Browse’s catalog of STINSON PISTON MILITARY AIRCRAFT. It was developed from the prewar Model 10A Voyager. The SR-8E Stinson Reliant SR aircraft (SR-1 to SR-10) were made from 1933 to 1941, and popular with private operators and small charter companies. Northeast Airlines Stinson SR-8E Reliant. The other Stinson, F-BEXD, serial number 108-4419, belongs to Alain Flotard and was used by French forces as a liaison aircraft in Indochina (Vietnam) in 1951. Development. Stinson 108 in Spanish and French AF Military Service Stinson 108's in Military service. The Reliant was used by the United States Army Air Forces in World War II as a utility This was developed into the Model 10 powered by a Continental A-80 piston engine. The Stinson Model O was an American single-engined military trainer aircraft of the 1930s designed built by the Stinson Aircraft Company. Stinson was bought by Piper Aircraft in 1949. Represented an aerospace client seeking damages for the breach of a master supply agreement and potential theft of trade secrets relating to a military aircraft program. Based on the Stinson SR, the Model O was designed to meet a requirement of the Honduran Air Force, forming the initial equipment of that air arm. It has features (built-in leading edge slots and three-position slotted flaps), which were not found on airplanes its size for another 15 years. All Stinson model 108, 108-1, 108-2, 108-3 and 108-4 aircraft were built by Stinson at Wayne, Michigan. The Stinson 108 was a popular general aviation aircraft produced by the Stinson division of the American airplane company Consolidated Vultee, from immediately after World War II to 1950.
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